Day 18 of 90 πŸ‘‰ For years I’ve pride myself on being able to get down n dirty with the boys in the trenches & then flip the script and strut the catwalk like I thought Tyra everything she knows 😊…

Day 17 of 90 πŸ‘‰ #tbt This collage is a perfect example of why scale watching on a fitness journey is not recommended.. 185lbs vs 170lbs, which would you rather be hmmmm #fitnessphysique #fitspo

Day 16 of 90 πŸ‘‰ Anything worth having, is worth the BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS you shed for it!!!

Day 15 of 90 πŸ‘‰ time to catch up on #rocketyogis challenge … Left side is Day 4 & 5: Warrior I & II … Right side is Day 6, 7 & 8: Triangle Pose, Revolved Triangle & Side Angle Pose… Time to wash the possible & impossible (grandma’s saying) n then feed these #muscles … Been a longgggg morning of working out @fitqueenirene @glyderapparel

Day 14 of 90 πŸ‘‰ went to bed last night feeling great, woke up today feeling like I played chicken with a train n lost horribly.. Literally spent all day drugged up watching old #crossfitgames if this beast @richfroning n many others like him… It was the next best thing to hitting the #box … Prayerfully I wake up feeling πŸ’ͺ tomorrow

Day 13 of 90 πŸ‘‰ can’t afford too many days like this, but if this taste as good as it looks, I’M OPENING A PIZZA SHOP!!!

Kisses for my loves…. Been so into my fitness page, I been neglecting my beauties… Orchid #candyyumyum kisses w/ some glitter on top for you all!!!

Day 12 of 90 πŸ‘‰Lunch, ahhhhh… Taste good… First time trying this, not bad…

Day 11 of 90 πŸ‘‰ one of these a day, definitely keep the dr. away.. Kale, spinach, aloe, strawberry, ginger, pineapple, carrots, mango & coconut water

Day 10 of 90 πŸ‘‰ Today sure was a jump in the right direction to a better me… Spent 1 1/2 hrs doing #crossfit geared workout, PR my cleans twice 123 & 128… Them came home n did day 2 & 3 of #rocketyogis challenge… Think I should have rested first, cause that #crowpose was difficult… Glad I attempted and was partially successful.., and yes I put pillows down .. SAFETY FIRST people …Now time to eat .„

Day 9 of 90 πŸ‘‰ Learned a long time ago to take in all the #beauty life has to offer… Taken earlier this week as I was on my way to work … SUNRISE!!!

Day 1 of #rocketyogis challenge πŸ‘‰ Chair Pose… By no means am I a pro, but I wanted to start on a GREAT FOOT .. Added a bit of Sun Salutation and transition, but the video was too long… Ig u need to do better w/these tiny videos

Day 8 of 90 πŸ‘‰At this rate I’ll be a better me before these 90 days are up… Feeling GREAT, but this lil girl needs a nap!!!

First time trying this and look what happened… Held it so long had to split the video & still wasn’t long enough to capture entire video.. Ending up holding head stand for 45 seconds… My boo @annadavila913 is my inspiration, she is always practicing n working hard, so I figured I would start off #rocketyogis challenge on the right foot… Feeling empowered n ready to grow … Day 7 of 90 days to an all around better me!!!

New month new challenge, who is with me…. Trust if I can do it, so can you… Follow @fitqueenirene for details… Let’s rock this #rocketyogis she n @glyderappreal are hosting